The Story Of Little Wheels Band

There has been always a great demand for American rock music all over the world. Every year, new bands with extraordinary talents show the extraordinary ls to the citizens of America. Little Wheels Band is one of the emerging rock bands of America, which has set a unique reputation in the music industry.

Within a very short span of time, little wheels Band have won the hearts of many music lovers. Their unique tastes of music along with heart touching lyrics are highly appreciated by the music lovers across the World. There are 6 active members in this band, who carry out all the activities within themselves -:

  • Michael John Ahern –

He is the lead vocalist and guitarist in this band. Basically, he is from California and has started his career as a producer in different music albums. Before joining with LWB, he was working as a solo acoustic artist in the late seventies. He is a professional studio musician who has earned great credits for 14 excellent commercial projects. His solo albums were a great hit, mainly Nine Lives.

  • Gary Chiappetta –

He plays the push-pull pedal steel guitar in the LWB. He is basically from San Diago and has been playing the guitar with a fender twin reverb for more than thirty years. Previously he was a helicopter pilot at United States Marine and electronic Guru. He has worked with The Lost River Band, Brad Souls; Go for Broke, Landing Party, Harry Moore, The Brownville Lady and many more popular bands.

  • Rob Wing –

He was actively involved in various musical activities since his childhood. At the age of 22, he started to play bass and during his high school studies, he learned to play both piano and guitar. After getting inspired from Phil Lesh, he started to play 6 string bass equipment. As he has a rich knowledge about different musical types of equipment, he prefers to write useful operation manuals for various audio equipment.

  • Drew Piers –

He is the one and only percussionist of Little Wheel Band. Basically, he is from New Jersey and began, to play with musical equipment since an early age. He has a great taste of music sense in different music styles like funk, folk rock, jazz, reggae and much more. He is a man full of excitements and enthusiasm.

  • Bobby Foster –

He is one of the finest drummers who play for both LWB and second nature band. He has worked with popular artists like Walter Afanasieff, Chris Camozzi.

  • Lachlan Kane –

He is basically from Philadelphia and mainly plays the keyboard. He also writes and sings a song for LWB. He has worked with popular artists like Peter Tork and clarence Clemons.

All the details regarding these emerging bands are available on their websites. They also deal with various popular musical gears for their music lovers. They have also arranged live music tracks on their websites. Apart from that, The Little wheels Band also update their performance schedules in their websites and ensure that their concerns are not being missed by their fans.